Traceability and auctions

Traceability software for molluscs, fish and for auction management

JddTrace Software for traceability and management of shellfish production.

JddFish Software for traceability and production management of fish production.

JddAsta Software to manage auctions, the system is studied to increase speed and reliability.


Software development

We develop and distribute software to customers all over the world

These range from the integration of "unattended" payment terminals in parking lots and hotels to the development of back and front end banking services.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Through our RDS and EC2 servers on we provide cloud computing solutions.

Progressive Web App

We develop applications on the cloud; from databases (RDS) to back-end REST services up to full "Progressive Web Apps" applications.


We know how to create business applications that your users and customers love

We have been developing applications since 2000 for all business sectors, from the fishing industry to banking, from logistics to payment terminal management and beyond. Our clientele is global as we are. We know how to turn your business idea into a full-fledged application that your end users will appreciate. Some of the technologies we use to provide the best solution are:

Computer vision

Applications that use image and / or video to make decisions

Machine learning

Data mining, adaptive algorithms that uses statistical methods to progressively improve the performance of an application

PLC / Modbus

Reading of digital and analogue inputs and writing of digital outputs for control of machines / lights, etc. via software. Normally using the modbus protocol via TCP / IP (LAN network)


Automatic reading and barcode generation such as GS1-128, Datamatrix, QR-code etc. to automate processes


Reading and / or writing RFID / NFC for identification of persons / material transit at distance

Progressive Web Apps

Cloud applications developed to work on all devices and operating system with reliable, fast and engaging features.

REST Services

Web services, stateless to share / serve data via the web in a safe and fast way.

Relational Database Service (RDS)

Relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server) in the cloud with scalability, performance, availability and security.

Document management (EDMS)

Application, server side, deals with performing massive operations on the documents cataloging them and indexing them according to certain algorithms


Creation of documents such as pdf, word, excel or specific record paths from databases or other data sources / documents

Data analysis

Interfaces and algorithms for analyzing data from different sources where the user can configure and specify parameters

Security and identity

Advanced security system and user identification, not only for data integrity but also to comply with laws such as privacy.

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